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Paint Correction

R emove surface imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidisation, water marks & etching. Restoring a deep lustrous shine to paintwork. Call us today on  07513 504 306



Paint Correction

Get the very best in automotive care

The vehicle is foamed and rinsed to safely remove the majority of loose dirt and grime

Door jams, wheels, arches, engine bay cleaned

Washed using the safe two bucket method and ultra soft wash mitt

Chemically decontaminated and then clayed to remove contamination bonded to the surface

Rinsed and dried using quality microfibre cloths

Paint cleansed to prepare for polishing

Extensive paint thickness readings taken and paint inspected for defects

All areas not to be polished (plastic trim, rubbers, badges etc.) are masked up to protect during the polishing stage

Machine-polish paintwork using a series of specialist polishes and machines

Rewash vehicle to remove polishing excess (if required)

Prepare paintwork for sealant/wax

A premium sealant or wax is applied to protect the freshly polished paintwork

Exterior trim, door jams, wheels, tyres and engine bay dressed

A Single-Stage Paint Correction/Enhancement is often completed in 1.5 days. We will require your car for at least 2 days to complete a Two-Stage Paint Correction

A £50 per day booking fee is required for all paint correction work, to be paid at time of booking. Privilege Detail accept card payments or bank transfer.

Please refer to our terms & conditions


Nano wheel sealant +£40

Nano glass sealant +40

Convertible roof protected +£40

Premium carnauba wax +£40

Nanolex Si3D sealant +£100

In most cases it is advised that you bring your vehicle to us for inspection prior to booking in order to estimate time required to complete the work.

If you wish to discuss our Paint Correction extras, call us today on  
07513 504 306


Paint Correction

Get the very best in automotive care

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Two stage enhancement detail protected with Duragloss 105 Paint Sealant, Polish Angel Supersport Wheel Sealant, Nanolex Ultra Glass rims. Call us today on  07513 504 306


Two day paint enhancement detail protected with Polish Angel Master Sealant and Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Call us today on  07513 504 306


One day enhance and protect detail with Polish Angel Master Sealant, Nanolex Ultra. Glass Sealant and Nanolex Professional Wheel Sealant Call us today on  07513 504 306

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What People have said about us...


His care and attention to detail restored the paintwork to it’s former glory

Tim Jordan, Edinburgh


I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone

Robin Galloway, Edinburgh


I have used Privilege detailing for almost three years now and I am always happy with the level of service

Ryan, Edinburgh

Paint Correction FAQs...

What is Paint Correction?

The process of removing surface imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks and etching using a machine polisher.

I’m not sure if a single stage enhancement will suffice or if my vehicles paintwork requires more stages?

This not only depends on the condition of your vehicle but how far you wish Privilege Detail to take it. In order to advise you of your options, a free no obligation inspection of your vehicle can be provided.

What are swirl marks?

Swirl marks are fine scratches on the surface of your vehicle’s paint. These are often caused by poor washing techniques.

How much notice in advance is needed to book a Paint Protection Correction?

It really depends on how busy we are but usually a couple of weeks notice is required.

The dealer/bodyshop has offered to polish the car, isn’t this the same thing?

Sadly not, the art of Paint Correction is a meticulous and time consuming process that requires patience and skill.

How long does it take?

This varies according to the size & condition of the vehicle. But, usually around 1.5 days for a single-stage and 2 days for a two-stage correction.

Are you insured to work on any vehicle?

Yes Privilege Detail has full goods worked upon and liability insurance cover.

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