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P rotect your investment with a New Car Protection Detail. The majority of new vehicles protected by Privilege Detail have the suburb Nanolex Si3D coating applied. As Edinburgh’s only Nanolex Detailer, we can also offer their HD version of the coating for increased durability.



New Car Protection

The Nanolex Si3D coating is extremely weather and chemical resistant with easy to clean properties. The paint hardness can also increase up to 9H+ adding a clear coating to the treated surface. With proper maintenance, the protection typically lasts around 24 months or 20000 miles.

Nanolex Si3D HD can only be applied by Nanolex Authorised Detailers (such as ourselves) and is even more durable. When layered with Nanolex Si3D Base Coat to give a harder and more scratch resistant coating, the combination can last for up to 60 months.

We also favour Polish Angel’s Master Sealant for those wanting a sealant that looks and acts like a wax but also requires the product to provide long term protection.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and our options in more detail.

The vehicle is foamed and rinsed to safely remove the majority of loose dirt and grime

Door jams, wheels, arches, engine bay cleaned

Washed using the safe two bucket method and ultra soft wash mitt

Chemically decontaminated and then clayed to remove contamination bonded to the surface

Rinsed and dried using quality microfibre cloths

Exterior trim, door shuts and engine bay dressed

Paintwork cleaned to prepare surface for application of silica based nano coating.
This may include a single stage machine polish if this optional extra has been specified

Two coats of Nanolex Si3D coating applied to all exterior painted surfaces

Wheels cleansed and two coats of Nanolex Si3D applied to wheels, long life tyre dressing and arches cleaned and dressed

All exterior glass polished, cleansed and Nanolex Ultra glass sealant applied

Interior vacuumed and given a light clean

The 'from' price represents the typical price for a 'small/medium' car

Small/Medium car e.g. Golf, Porsche 911 £295
Large car/Small 4X4 e.g. Audi A4, Porsche Macan £345
Large 4X4 e.g. Range Rover, BMW X5 £395

A £50 per day booking fee is required for all New Car Protection work, to be paid at time of booking. Privilege Detail accept card payments or bank transfer.

Please refer to our terms & conditions


Convertible roof protected +£40

Leather seats protected +£30

Interior fabrics protected +£30

Single stage polish From +£200

Nanolex Si3D BC & HD upgrade +£200

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New Car Protection

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1-day gloss enhancement detail protected with Polish Angel Master Sealant and Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Call us today on  07513 504 306


New Car Protection Detail, protected with Polish Angel Master Sealant, Polish Angel Supersport Wheel Sealant and Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant Call us today on  07513 504 306


1-day gloss enhancement detail, paintwork protected with 50Cal Pentawax and Nanolex Professional Wheels Sealant Call us today on  07513 504 306

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I highly recommend Privilege Detail - I'm always amazed with the results!

Christopher Gladden, Edinburgh


Jason has consistently provided a first class service

Iain Elliot, Edinburgh


Would not trust anyone else with my Vehicles, great service and great products used

Gary McNeil, Edinburgh

New Car Protection FAQs...

What does new car protection do?

Coating your paintwork with a protective barrier. Your vehicle will not only appear visibly glossier but water marks and other contamination are kept from bonding to the surface.

Are you insured to work on any vehicle?

Yes Privilege Detail has full goods worked upon and liability insurance cover.

How much notice in advance is needed to book a new car protection service?

It really depends on how busy we are but usually a couple of weeks notice is required.

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